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  • LJXC-Automatic Strapping Machine (Binding machine)

    LJXC-Automatic Strapping Machine (Binding machine)

    1. Save time, materials and manpower.
    2. Work shorter hours.
    3. Easy to operate. Anyone can operate it, even without experience.
    4. Automatically adjust the packaging of different sizes.
    5. Simple operation, safe and reliable.
    6. Promote efficiency. Easy to use and wide

  • Corrugated Cardboard Printing Slotting Stripping cleaning Stacking Machine

    Corrugated Cardboard Printing Slotting Stripping cleaning Stacking Machine


    First, the machine can be used manually and automatically. The main electrical components are made of international famous brand products, so as to reduce the failure rate of electrical appliances and improve the service life.

    Two, lifting motor with brake function, anti-fall system, gearbox self-locking, three-layer protective device, to ensure personal safety.

    Three, can configure PLC computer control, text input. Lateral calibration can be configured. (custom made)

  • 5 Ply Corrugated Paperboard Line

    5 Ply Corrugated Paperboard Line

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Speed: 60 m – 200 m/minute.
    Corrugated paperboard production line makes paper reel into paperboards, which are later used for producing corrugated boxes. A modern corrugeted paperboard production line is complete automatic.
    corrugating production line can produce 3, 5 corrugated paperboards of flute type A, C, BC, B, E or combinations. Stable working speed is classifyed as 150 m/min, 200 m/min, or 250 m/min. Web width extends from 1400mm to 2500 mm.

  • Manual high speed corrugated carton stitching machine

    Manual high speed corrugated carton stitching machine

    Uses and features:
    DZX series box ordering machine is carefully designed and manufactured by combining the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of novel appearance, high speed, stable operation, firm sawing, hard alloy base mold, long service life, etc.:
    Mechanical speed: 400 nails/min.
    Nail distance: 30-70mm (can be adjusted arbitrarily)
    Number of nails: 1-99 nails.
    Nail types: single nail, double nail, reinforced nail (can be done at one time).

  • Automatic carton stitching machine

    Automatic carton stitching machine

    QZD series automatic nail box machine is an indispensable model for the downstream process of the printing press. It consists of four parts: paper feeding part, folding part, nail box part, and counting and stacking output part. Frequency conversion speed control, simple and reliable operation. Automatic paper feeding, automatic folding, automatic correction, automatic counting, automatic stacking output. Ensure the accuracy and quality of the nail box, with high technical content, fast speed, and high efficiency nailing and forming.
    Mechanical speed: 1000 nails/min.
    Electric adjustment of the gap between the pressure roller and the rubber wheel.
    The size of the machine’s footprint: host 15×3.5×3 meters.
    The weight of the machine is about 6.5 tons.
    The order-style adjustment of the whole machine can store 1000 orders.
    Nail distance: 30-120mm can be adjusted arbitrarily.

  • LJXC-MQYKM High Speed Printing Machine Series

    LJXC-MQYKM High Speed Printing Machine Series

    Roller to Roller transfer for each unit.

    • There is main touch sreen which is used for set the machine date by digital.

    • Printing plate is mounting model with foot touch switch, it is fast to install.

    • Each unit is equipped with Emergency Stop switch to ensure safety operation.

    • Roller gaps is adjsuted by hand.

    • Transmissions are using precision high hardness gears with spraying type circulating lubrication system.

    • Electric element, bearing, and pneumatic element all us international brand.

  • LJXCRG Series (Full-process Adsorption, Mobile)

    LJXCRG Series (Full-process Adsorption, Mobile)

    · The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to high requirements, reliability and safety.

    · Select high-quality materials and accessories. All driving roller materials are made of high-quality steel, hard chrome plated and ground.

    · Each unit fixed unit adopts vacuum adsorption conveying device, and the printing unit adopts servo control coloring to realize high-precision precision printing.

    · The whole machine adopts touch screen PLC control, which can store and recall the created order data. Changing orders is faster and easier to operate.

    · Remote detection of faults over the network to quickly eliminate equipment failures.

    · Automatic zero reset, automatic reset.

    • Adjust the gap between the conveyor roller, embossing roller and anilox roller by computer control.

    · Paper dust central collection system.

  • SF-280S Single Facer

    SF-280S Single Facer

    Purpose and characteristics:
    Design speed: 80 m/min-100 m/min
    Effective width: 1400 mm-2000 mm.
    Detailed attributes: Corrugated roller: φ280mm-φ320mm.
    The transmission reduction box adopts oil-immersed lubrication to reduce noise and maintain stable operation. PTZ transmission is adopted. Separate power.
    Pneumatic adjustment of corrugating roller, pressing roller and rubber roller.
    The cardboard conveying adopts vacuum suction method, with wind control system. Keep the grooves of the lower roller stable in the running state.

  • SF-360E(320E)Drawer Type Single Facer

    SF-360E(320E)Drawer Type Single Facer

    Design speed: 150 m/min-200m/min.
    Effective width: 1400-2200 mm.
    Negative pressure design, low heat dissipation, so that the pressure can evenly bond the core paper and the surface of the corrugated roller, so that the corrugated shape is better, because the pressure is even, the corrugated top is better, and the glue is uniformly applied, which makes the single-sided bonding of the corrugated better .
    Quick roll change, 15 minutes, in order to replace the cart trailer containing a complete set of corrugations, it is driven by a motor, loaded into the machine, fixed on the machine base, and the corrugation can be replaced quickly and easily.
    The corrugation is made of 48CRMO high-quality alloy steel, heat-treated, and the surface is grinded and plated with hard chromium or tungsten carbide.

  • SF-320C fingerless type single facer

    SF-320C fingerless type single facer

    Design Speed: 200 m/min.
    Effective width: 1400 mm – 2500 mm.

    The hood suction structure is adopted with high-pressure strong fan. The air source and electrical control are centralized in the same operation cabinet, and the operation side is fully enclosed and covered.

  • 3 ply Corrugated Cardboard Line

    3 ply Corrugated Cardboard Line

    Product Attributes
    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Speed: 60 m – 200 m/minute.
    Details Attributes
    The 3 layer, corrugated cardboard production line mainly consist of the following equipments:
    mill roll stand, pre-conditioner, pre-heater, auto-splicer, single facer, conveying bridge, multi-ply pre-heater, duplex glue machine, double facer, slitter scorer, cutoff, conveyer and stacker, glue making system and electric control system etc.

  • 2 Ply Corrugator Line

    2 Ply Corrugator Line

    2 ply corrugated paperboard production line is compose of mill roll stand, adsorptive single sided corrugated forming machine, preheater, conveying bridge, single tile vertical and horizontal cutting small hanging basket, electrical control box. Web paper after putting paper, preheating, pressing, gluing, bonding, drying, cutting, cutting continuous production, and processing into the need for single-sided corrugated board.
    The production line has reasonable structure, good technology, electric heating, liquefied gas heating, heat conduction oil heating or steam heating and other ways, with high production efficiency, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, strong adaptability and so on.

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